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This website displays photographs of Mt. Hakusan by Yoshifumi Kimura and provides information on various services on Mt. Hakusan.
Mt. Hakusan (2702 m) is one of the three spiritual mountains in Japan along with Mt. Fuji and Mt. Tateyama. See the link below for the details about Mt. Hakusan.

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Hakusan Shizentaike ("natural environment") (Japanese only) : This blog contains recent photos of Hakusan.

Hakusan Photo Gallery (Japanese only) : This website contains photos of Mt. Hakusan using conventional film camera until about 2005.

Portfolio (Japanese only) : You can view representative photos here.

Portfolio Swan and Hakusan(Japanese only) : You can view representative photos here.

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Yoshifumi Kimura

A photographer specialized in the natural landscape of alpine region and life and culture of piedmont region of Mt. Hakusan as his life work. Serves as a Natural Park Guide (appointed by the Ministry of the Environment), secretariat member of a non-profit organization, Hakusan no Shizen wo Kangaeru Kai ("Association to Think about the Nature of Mt. Hakusan" )( and an official member of Kan Hakusan Hogo Riyo Kanri Kyokai ("Association for Conservation, Use and Management of Greater Hakusan Area") (, a joint organization of public and private sectors.

Born in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan in 1962.
Climbed every mountain in the Japan Alps by 1985.
Visited Taiwan to climb gorge between 1993 and 1995.
Started photographing Mt. Hakusan in 1988.

Examples of photography works used:
-Exhibition panel at Hakusan Murodo at the summit of Mt. Hakusan
-Exhibition panel at the Roots of Ishikawa Museum (Hakusan City)
-Video picture at the Hakusan Sabo Kagaku Kan ("Anti-erosion Science Museum of Hakusan") (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
-Video picture at the Hakusan Nature Conservation Center (Ishikawa)
-Poster for Hakusan City merger
-Brochure to introduce Ishikawa Prefecture to overseas

Major clients:
TV station
Ishikawa TV
TV Kanazawa

Yam-Kei Publishers
Gakuzin Publishers

Printing house
Takakuwa Art Printing
Yoshida Printing Inc
Noto Printing
Hashimoto Kakubundo


Major exhibitions:

FUJIFILM Photo Salon
Ishikawa-Ken Histry Museum (selected as the artist for public project)
FUKUOKA Camera Museum (selected as the artist for public project)
Yoshino Kogei-no-sato Craft Center in Hakusan City (selected as the artist for public project)